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About us

Your.World was formed by Strikwerda Investments, a leading Dutch Tech-focused Family Office. We believe strong companies are built together. This takes time. At Strikwerda Investments, we build durable partnerships with entrepreneurs. We have the strong will to bring out the best in these companies, all of which contribute to our goal of building enduring businesses together for future generations.

Track-record IT Serial Acquirer Platforms

Your.World’s serial acquirer model is based on high quality, sustainable value creation and scalable M&A. We learned the principles of M&A Compounding in vertical market software. Since 2006, Strikwerda Investments acquired, under the name Total Specific Solutions (now, over 100 specialized software companies. In 2013 we joined forces with Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) to accelerate growth and expand across Europe.

Following the success of, we founded a new ICT Serial Acquirer platform Your.World, geared towards the broader online services market. Your.World expanded rapidly across markets and geographies to create the leading European Online Solutions platform. With our headquarters in Amsterdam, and offices across Europe, we have over 2,000 employees generating consolidated revenues of EUR 675 million.

This is facilitated by two Operating Groups, seven Operating Segments and 37 Operating Companies that service customers with online presence, productivity, security, trust, workspace, digital transformation & connectivity solutions. We operate as independent enterprises within a decentralized business model.

Decentral Model

Our lean decentralized operating model is designed to facilitate accelerated growth. Your.World is a Serial Acquirer Platform, with focus on setting the value creation framework, capital allocation & monitoring of the Operating Groups.

Operating Groups focus on developing proprietary playbooks, sourcing & deal execution, and monitoring of the Operating Segments. They have their own unique identities whilst having the same strong culture of entrepreneurship and proven craftsmanship combined with great focus and innovative strength. 

Leadership Team

At the helm of Your.World are Robin van Poelje as Chairman & CEO, Abe Bakker and John Reynders as executives, and Tjitske Strikwerda, Gerdjan Warnars, Jean-Pierre Buijtels, and Dorinda van Oosten as non-executives. With proven track records and a wealth of experience, this powerful team is united in growing Your.World with one mission in mind: to be the leading European Online Solutions platform.

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About Strikwerda Investments

Your.World is proud to be part of the ecosystem of Strikwerda Investments, the Dutch Tech-focused Family Office. Driven by our passion for entrepreneurship and the strong will to bring out the best in companies, we like to help our partners and our people grow and prosper.

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